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WHY YOU? There’s a reason for everything.  If you have a weight problem, I’m giving you THAT REASON.  But I know that’s not enough. You don’t just deserve the truth.  You deserve to know exactly what you can do about it.  In this case, the health of you and your family depends on it. 

WHY ME? Over a period of forty years, I witnessed 3 significant events that caused me great concern. Then, a decade ago, when I linked the events together, it showed clearly why we’re all getting fat. Either I was the only person who realized what had happened.  Or – the only person willing to talk about it.

WHY THIS? I began to publish my information in articles and a couple of eBooks. But I was a retiree, with limited resources.  I didn't have an advertising budget. I soon realized, if I wanted to show others what had happened, I would need to lay out "The Big Picture' in an easy to understand format. A way to prove why getting fat is neither Necessary or Natural. 

WHY NOW? I Waited 10 Years For a Science Or Medical Institution to Publish A Paper About This.  Nobody Ever Did. I Began To Realise, That if I didn't Speak Up, Nobody Else would. It Finally Dawned on me That This Information Was Only Truly Valuable As Long As It Was Kept Secret. And A Lot Of People And Corporations Were Making Sure It Stayed That Way!

The Membership Has 6 Modules, Packed With New Information:
The 1st Module: will focus on preparation. It’s the base on which you’ll build everything else. It helps you understand your weight problems, cravings and binges. When you control your urges, you control your results. Your mission is to prepare yourself and your body for a permanent, extreme weight loss .
The 2nd Module: will focus on the cure. This automatically creates a substantial weight loss. Every person starts off with a different weight. How long it takes to lose it depends on how much weight you need to lose. Many people need to lose a lot more than 30 pounds. Your body makes sure you lose ALL the weight, safely and permanently.
The 3rd Module: will focus both on curing the cause of your weight problem and working on better ways to understand and connect to your own body. The one thing you can be sure of: You WILL cure your weight problems. And the cure WILL lead to a fast, complete, permanent, weight loss. - As long as you stick with the program.
The 4th Module: will focus on weight loss. How to keep your body in shape as you lose the weight. How to form a new lifestyle you can be happy with for a lifetime. You will begin to understand your own body in a way that was once natural to everyone. You will rekindle the connection and work on restoring your natural instincts regarding food.
The 5th Module: will focus on your new lifestyle. It’ll encourage your body’s natural instincts to maintain a lean healthy body throughout your lifetime. You’ll learn about the foods that are compatible to your body and how to reconnect with your body and make friends with it. That may sound odd, but we have ceased to treat our body as an integral part of ourselves.
The 6th Module: will be your assessment. Towards the end of the 2 weeks, we will have a one-on-one meeting on Skype where we’ll talk about your plans and how to approach the future. You may still need to lose more weight. Or you may want to stay in the group and maintain contact with people who have become your friends. It will be up to you.
The Summary: Each module is in itself a complete Mini Course. They include step by step instructions with original information never before revealed. Included is a Private Skype Group with 24/7 access to support. You will also have access to more than 100 articles. They cover all aspects of weight loss and health.

Get A 7 Day FREE TRIAL. It Includes The First Module!




Diets Are Just A Short Term Band-Aid.

Ultimately they just make you fatter.  The Diet Terminator will show you the reason and explain why. It will take you straight to the CAUSE of your weight problem and completely cure it.  And it will do it in less than 12 weeks.


No More Diets!

*This unique program does not allow you to diet. 

No More Cravings!

*Your Food Cravings Will Simply Disappear.

No More Hunger Pains!

* No Calories To Count And No Food Plans.

No More Excess Weight!

 *To Stay Slim Just Stay Friends With Your Body. 

So What About The Price?


I Want To Be 100% Transparent With You.  Before You Begin Anything New And Different, You Should Always Ask: What Are The Alternatives? But This Is The First Time This Weight Loss Method Has Ever Been Offered.  That Means There ARE No Alternatives, Except Dieting. Ultimately, All Diets Lead To Almost Certain Obesity.


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You Can Pay $50 – To $150 A Month For A Weight Loss DIET That Makes You Constantly Hungry And Guarantees Your Weight Will Begin To Return The Moment You Stop Dieting. And We Both Know THAT WILL HAPPEN… Because Nobody Can Diet Forever And Still Remain Healthy. 


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Learn The Truth About Diets And Dieting!



Learn What Nobody Else Has Ever Taught You. Like…

A. How to tune-in and reconnect with your own body.

B. How to eliminate cravings, binges and hunger pains forever.

C. How to select the healthy foods most suited to your digestive system.

D. How to re-learn and practice intuitive eating as nature intended.

E. How to lose weight naturally, without diets or exercise.

F. How and why only you can truly know and understand your own body.

How Is This Different To A Diet?

*Dieting is not permitted.

*You will not count calories or follow meal plans.

*You will no longer be weighted down with constant feelings of hunger and cravings.

*It’s a step by step process that is easy to follow.

*The weight loss result you will get, will last you a lifetime.


I have known Kirsten for more than 6 years. I have read her books and have followed her approach to healthy eating. I know from experience that what she teaches – works! There are all kinds of "diets" out there, but what Kirsten teaches is not only how to eat to normalize weight, but why it works, and why weight loss diets fail. I have often tried to encourage her to put all that she knows into a step by step program that anyone can easily follow. I’m so pleased she has finally done exactly that.

Karen Weir, 

Alberta Canada






I have known Kirsten for several years now and have followed her journey to lose weight and become healthier. I know that her program works as I see the results. Over the years I have tried diets.

Many times I have been successful in taking off the weight. But as Kirsten points out, I always gained it back, and usually added a few more pounds too! I have been in "Diet" groups both locally and on the internet. The main thing everyone seems to struggle with is "staying on the diet". They may lose a large amount of weight, but they are always struggling to stay on the "diet". They struggle with cravings and then binge and give up. Or they were successful losing the weight but gained it right back when they went off the "diet" and resumed their old way of eating. It seems to me that most people binge because of cravings for the same foods that made them gain the weight in the first place. And once they start eating those foods again they just can't stop! Kirsten's program is not a diet, but a plan to help you lose weight naturally, without diets or exercise. Kirsten's program will show you how to eliminate cravings, binges and hunger pains forever. Think of the monthly fee as a life saving investment: Use the money that you used to spend on junk food to lose your excess weight for good and on a new lifestyle plan for a healthier you!


Gail Hess,  

St Louis, Missouri


That's What I Would Ask, If I Was In Your Position.  But I Can’t Speak For Others Who May Know. I Can however,  Make An Educated Guess.  When Billions Of Dollars Are At Stake,  Things Like Ethics, Morals, Social Responsibility – They Can End Up On The Scrap Heap.


Choosing to make Billions of dollars, By Causing An Obesity Epidemic And Possibly Even Diabetes Type 2. -  Or choosing to Give Up A Lucrative Industry, By Making A Full Public Disclosure. - Is Cearly A NO- BRAINER!  - For what is Arguably, The Biggest Industry In The World.


As For Me, A 74 Year Old Retiree.  I Have Nothing To Lose Except A Feeling Of Guilt For Having Failed, Till Now, To Make These Facts Widely Known!  My One True Hope Is That You Help Me Share The Information I Offer, To Those You Know Will Need It.





It is important To Realize, That If You Have A Weight Problem, You Have A Dangerous Enemy. And NO, It Is not Your Cravings Or Binge Eating Or Anything Over Which You Can Exercise Control. 

The Diet Terminator Will Expose That Enemy And Teach You How To Vanquish It Forever, In Just 12 Weeks! 



It Is Time To Eliminate The Words 'Diets' And 'Dieting' From Your Vocabulary Forever!




The Only Guarantee That Truly Means Anything, Is IF…

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